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» on Sun Aug 05, 2012 6:36 am


Every member of webcoders is allowed to post a tutorial.
A tutorial you post will be reviewed by a crew member.
If the post is signed correct and valid your tutorial thread will stay.
Else... Well... You'll notice..

Here is some information regarding when your thread gets deleted:

If your post gets deleted it is not deleted permanently.
It can still be recovered by one of the crew members.
If you think you will improve your tutorial and wish to get it back it is possible to contact (pm) one of the crew members about it.

Changing thread's name

In order to have your thread (tutorial) title renamed you can also contact one of the crew members (pm) in order to have it changed.
Be sure to tell them what name you want!

Appropiate thread name

Your name of the thread must be connected to it's content.
If it's not your thread will be thrown into the garbage can.
As described above, it can still be retrieved by one of the crew members.

For the crew members:
Posting a tutorial

As a crew member you may also post tutorials regardless of your title, reputation or status.
But your thread (tutorial) also has to be reviewed by someone.
That will be done by another crew member.
Now if you're a crew member and you're about to review one of the crew member's his/her tutorial and you're not sure: contact (pm) me!
The same rules apply for your thread as for anybody else.


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